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Board of Directors

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Board of Directors


Have you ever wondered how we manage to have a well-maintained fleet, a yearly auction that is hugely successful, and how we use our resources so efficiently, despite only having two full-time employees? For that, you can thank our volunteer Board of Directors!

Our dedicated Board of Directors bring decades of experience in their respective fields to making our organization run successfully and sustainably. From managing our budget, to handling insurance, applying for grants, and managing our web systems, our Board works behind the scenes to make sure the structure, resources, and policy are in place for us to run our sailing programs and better serve our community. Get to know our board members and the crucial role that each of them plays in our organization!

Joan Storkman

Program Director

Joan retired from Gig Harbor area schools after 35 years as a School Social Worker. Soon after, she combined her love of kids and sailing by joining the Board in 2012 as Secretary and became Program/Board Director in 2015. During her time on the Junior Sail Board, the Board has: Increased Summer Sail Camp enrollment from 100 to 600 sailors, developed a strong Race Team of 60 enthusiastic racers and families, stable financial plan, added 2 full time staff, have increased relationships with community organizations and are pursuing a permanent waterfront location.

She and her family have been fortunate to enjoy a lot of time in boats. Joan sails and races their Thunderbird (including women’s races in the 1970’s-90’s), taught sailing, and has cruised around the northwest on the family trawler. She and her husband also enjoy spending time with friends, family and their 3 grandkids
My great grandparents boated in the early 1900’s so sharing my love of boating is a family tradition. I feel so fortunate to work with this amazing group of volunteer Board members who are so skilled, eager, hard-working and have so much fun providing sailing opportunities…for the kids!

Kathleen Carlson

Asst. Program Director - Website, Registration, Marketing

Before retiring, Kathleen was a successful business owner and president of a national trade association. She brings her years of business acumen in marketing, budgeting and finance to help the board focus on financial stability and basic business needs. She focuses her attention on community awareness of our camp. Her expertise in marketing has enabled us to build out our website, email marketing, summer camp and race team backend systems and run our auction and fundraising platform.

Kathleen and her husband are very active in the local sailing community and have for years run the local sailboat races. They can't wait to get their grandkids into camp and teach them the joy of sailing.
My husband grew up on sailboats and I had so much fun joining in the adventure of sailing. I love the ease, yet complicated part of sailing, the quiet yet sometimes noisy. I enjoy being able to help this organization grow..for the kids!

Mary Godwin Austen

Secretary of the Board

Mary was raised in Tacoma and Gig Harbor. Her family enjoyed summers in a very small cabin on Henderson Bay, with all five children enjoying swimming, water skiing, and canoeing. The family moved permanently to the Harbor in the late 60’s and she considers her childhood on the bay to be idyllic. When a job for her husband opened in his hometown of Littleton, Colorado, a move to Colorado was their next adventure. However, the lure of the water and the mountains soon found Mary and family back in Gig Harbor where they have lived for over 25 years.

Mary is happily retired from a wonderful career as a primary school teacher and principal. She was fortunate to work in three districts including Sumner, Peninsula (principal of Harbor Heights) and University Place. Now Mary enjoys gardening, hiking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.
As Secretary I take minutes at the monthly GHYC JS meetings and consult with the personnel committee. I joined the board because I support the vision and work of Junior Sail, especially helping local sailors build their skills and confidence on the water.

Greg Olsen

Fleet Manager

Greg returned in retirement to Gig Harbor in 2016 after 20 some years of living and working in Eastern Washington. He had worked as an electrician before getting into the sales side of the electrical industry representing various manufacturers. His last position was with a manufacturer of large electric motors and controls. Greg started his boating journey with sailing and began working his way through various sailboats starting with the Kent Ranger 20. After moving to Spokane, he moved over to the dark side… powerboats. He began renovating various boats along the way including the complete restoration of a 1976 Cape Dory full keel sailboat. Greg donated that boat to the Junior Sail Program and was promptly asked to join the board as Fleet Manager.

Greg is responsible for the maintenance of 7 older Boston Whalers coaches’ boats and 2 RIB Rescue Boats, plus 30 some sailboats and trailers. He is available during the season for timely repairs and heads up a crew of volunteers during the winter for annual maintenance and restoration. Greg has a goal to electrify the coaches’ fleet.
“Having people come up to me when I am at the launch ramp and tell me how much they enjoy the kid’s laughter coming over the water when they are out sailing and how much they appreciate our service is what drives me.”

Dale Reiman

Boat Donations & Sales

I loved the woods and farm life of my childhood. It was true joy growing up in rural northern Michigan. Only 21 students in my graduation class. To get away I joined the US Navy and spent 4 years working the flight deck of the carrier Independence CVA 62, as 3rd class petty officer working Arresting Gear. I picked the navy because they wore bellbottom jeans, also Viet Nam was raging. After that, many more years doing gas and oil research for Bendix Corp. I moved to the NW in 1981 with only a dog, a best friend and a pick up. I picked the NW because the water didn't freeze. Found work in the marine industry doing everything including yacht and ship repair, also yacht sales and deliveries up and down the coast. I enjoyed the work, then came along an opportunity to work in the tug and barge industry in Alaska. It was wonderful work , sometimes dangerous but most times awash with beautiful mountain vistas and waterways as far as you could see. I attained captain but most always served as Chief Mate. I usually worked for 5+ months straight 24/7, then having the rest of the year off. Working from Anchorage out to the Aleutian Islands and up to Dillingham then 600 miles on up the Yukon River, hauling construction equipment and gravel for Alaskan runways. A few years hauling large rock for port protection walls for villages on Norton Sound near Nome. My final years before retirement I worked the Beaufort Sea off Prudhoe Bay. We hauled drilling equipment to offshore oil rigs. We could see the Artic Ice field off our port side. This work gave me the opportunity to see all of Alaska's wonders; Polar Bears, Musk Ox, Artic Fox everywhere migrating birds of all species. Grizzlies and Moose sometimes as close as 40 feet. I saw herds (thousands) of Caribou as they migrated, sometimes surrounding my truck when I went into Deadhorse for parts and supplies.

Now in retirement I love traveling with my wife and still hope to take her to some northern places I have been. Diana and I have been a cruising couple here in the NW and Canada for more than 22 years on our 37' trawler.

Rachel Rainbolt

NRT Parent Representative

Rachel Rainbolt serves as our Parent Representative, advocating for the needs of the children and families in our program as a parent of three of our sailors. She draws on her personal experiences within the program and close relationships with our sailing families to increase efficiency and elevate the quality of what we offer our community.

With a master's degree in marital and family therapy, she carries this volunteer role alongside her professional work as the founder of Sage Family, where she has spent decades coaching thousands of families through gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, and simple living.
"I choose to invest my time, energy, and resources into this program because I believe in the good it does for our children—I witness it every day in the responsibility, joy, confidence, grit, friendship, bravery, and skill that these kids bring off the water and into our community. We have a profoundly positive effect on the hundreds of kids we serve each year, but also on everything and everyone those kids touch. This is how we change the world, one little sailor at a time."

Don Bernard


Don is retired, following a 33 year career as a Healthcare CFO. Originally from Southern California, Don and his wife Jill have resided in Gig Harbor for the past 6 years and have enjoyed being part of a fantastic community. They enjoy spending time on their 47 foot trawler seeing the beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer. As Treasurer, Don enjoys steering GHYC Junior Sail in a positive direction.
“Being a retired CFO allows me to utilize my skills while helping give back to my community with an incredible nonprofit organization focused not only on teaching sailing, but building confidence and leadership in kids.”

Mary Theo Hoeksema

Equipment Inventory & Licensing

Mary Theo joined the Board as the Race Team Treasurer in 2016 and now helps manage the growing inventory of boats, trailers and major equipment. She's a former school admissions officer and US Navy retiree who enjoyed dinghy sailing as a child. GHYC Junior Sail and TYC Junior Sailing helped her sons love sailing too when they got involved as young teenagers. In addition to joining the Narrows Race Team, Connor is one of the many young sailors who found rewarding seasonal employment teaching others as a Sail Camp instructor and Race Team coach.
It's been a joy for me to be a part of an organization that's offered so much to my children and to others in the community.

Greg Hoeksema

Personnel, Medical & Long-Term Facilities

Greg is a retired Sports Medicine Specialist who joined the board as the Race Team Parent Representative in 2015. Since then, he's been involved in many aspects of Junior sail and now is the Medical Advisor and coordinates efforts to find a permanent Junior Sail facility in Gig Harbor. During his 22 years in the US Navy he provided medical care and led medical teams at sea, at a war-time field hospital and many humanitarian aid missions around the world. He then spent four years as the Medical Director of the Cayman Islands Hospital and National Healthcare system where his two sons first learned their love of sailing.

From his home in historic Gig Harbor he draws inspiration everyday from the laughter of the "little kids in the boats" while they learn to sail and appreciate our magical harbor.

Pete Clement

Grants & Fundraising

Pete is retired, following a long career in local manufacturing operations and industrial plant management. While he pursued his profession, hobbies and interests drew him to part-time teaching roles in mountain climbing, and over 20 years of volunteering in Junior Achievement and Business Week at the high school level. Never having had any children of his own, Pete has really enjoyed coaching and encouraging young people to reach new heights and to realize their full potentials. After sailing and racing on boats around Puget Sound since the ‘70s, Pete really appreciates this volunteer opportunity to give back to sailing by serving on the board of GHYC Junior Sail program as the Grants & Outside Funding Officer.

Pete and his wife Jackie are also involved in maintaining their home, gardens and landscapes, as well as entertaining, traveling, grandparenting, and just enjoying life in beautiful Gig Harbor.
A quote that has served as a lifetime guide for Pete is Calvin Coolidge’s “Press On”, and the key phrase: ‘Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent.’

Tom Mitchell

Investments & Insurance

Tom is a dentist who graduated from The University of Puget Sound in 1980 and from the University of Washington School of Dentistry in 1985. During his early days in the dentistry world, he spent his spare time sailing a Cal 2-27 with his wife, Cheryl and kids, Katie and Evan. He and his family soon upgraded, acquiring the J35C ‘Wildflower’ in 1995. This boat would be their cruising and racing partner for the next 25 years. Tom’s most memorable sailing experiences also include two Vic Maui offshore racing regattas and one Pacific Cup. After running his private dentistry practice in Gig Harbor for 32 years, he retired in 2017.

His interest in GHYC Junior Sail started through his observations of local youth learning how to sail in Gig Harbor. After a few days on the water, the kids became in charge of their own vessel. The sheer joy (and occasional terror) was palpable. The coaches were amazing and very involved. He soon learned about the group of dedicated volunteers that made the organization what it is today, and took heed of the call to action. He is proud of the Gig Harbor community that has embraced our organization, made to make a difference for kids.
My job is keeping track of the insurance needs. I am also involved with helping Greg, Dale and crew maintain boats both power and sail.


Narrows Race Team Committee

Joan Storkman - GHYC JS Rep.
Joe Guizetti - TYC JS Rep.
Rachel Rainbolt - Varsity Rep.
Michelle Valiani - Opti Rep.
Jennifur Newhouse - JV Rep.
Lisa Embick - Gear Sales, Bellarmine Rep.
Tanya Starke - Party Planning
Melissa Deprez - GHHS Rep.
Mario Lee - CWA Rep.
Nathalie Op de Beeck - At Large
Ashley Nelson - Sailing Director
Niko Twilla - Assistant Sailing Director

Budget Committee

Don Bernard
Tom Mitchell
Kathleen Carlson
Mary Theo Hoeksema
Joan Storkman
Ashley Nelson
Niko Twilla

Personnel Committee

Greg Hoeksema
Kathleen Carlson
Ashley Nelson
Joan Storkman
Mary Theo Hoeksema
Mary Godwin Austen

Fleet Maintenance Committee

Greg Olsen - Fleet Manager
David Holsinger
Dick Strand
Gordon Robilliard
Randy Henrickson
Dale Reiman
Barry Bookman
Jim Drake
Frank Sreck

Registration/Web Committee

Ashley Nelson
Kathleen Carlson
Rachel Rainbolt
Niko Twilla

Scholarship Committee

Joan Storkman
Ashley Nelson

Auction Committee

Marti Anderson - Galley Chair
Mary Theo Hoeksema - Donations Coordinator
Kathleen Carlson - Registration/Web
Joan Storkman - Auction Chair
Jill Bernard - Sponsors