We maintain a fleet of 5 different style of sailboats for classes. Plus a fleet of safety boats for our instructors. We also have a number of other boats within our fleet for different sailing applications.


Number of Kids that gained tremendous sailing skills... and counting. (through 2020)


We believe that everyone should be able to learn to sail regardless of their ability to pay.We continue to provide a limited number of need based scholarships each year. (Through 2020)

Years of Experience

Amoung our Board of Directors. Plus our other Volunteers.

Our Vision is to inspire local area youth to have a life-long dedication to and love of sailing

Read Our 2020 Annual Report

We are celebrating the end of 2020 with our first ever Annual Report! Thanks so much to all those who stepped up this year for the kids. Now more than ever, it is wonderful to have such a positive community behind us.